LPG cylinder body is usually made of steel. However, there are other alternatives. Composite and aluminum are also two commonly used raw materials. Alternative materials may be preferred in terms of lightness. Transport will be easier if the bodies are light.

The most basic task of the cylinder body is to safely protect the gas. The body must be resistant to impact. Because it should not be pierced and gas leaked during transfer.

Size of the LPG cylinder body may change according to country.

LPG cylinders are manufactured either in two piece or three piece construction.

In two piece construction, cylinders are fabricated by welding two domed ends directly together. A three piece cylinder is fabricated by joining two domed ends to a cylindrical body.

Thickness depends on several factors such as outer diameter of cylinder, cylinder test pressure, yield strength of material, shape of cylinder dome, weld joint factor, ratio of domed end diameter to height, dishing radius, knuckle radius and length of straight flange.

LPG cylinder body are formed in LPG cylinder body forming line.

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