Which things you need to be careful while using LPG Cylinders?

To reduce risks when using LPG Cylinders, you should:

  • Only use LPG cylinders which have been tested within the last 10 years (depending on the country and the regulations). The cylinder should be marked with the proper test date
  • Fill LPG cylinders at authorized filling stations staffed by trained personnel
  • Carefully read and comply with the connection instructions supplied with the LPG cylinder while using at home
  • Use a regulator between the LPG cylinder and the appliance being powered by the LP gas, unless the appliance is a portable type designed for high pressure gas
  • Regularly check cylinder fittings are clean and tight. You can use soapy water to check for leaks if they have a gas leakage or not.
  • Turn the gas off immediately from the cylinder valve if you suspect a leak
  • Only use LPG cylinders in well ventilated outdoor areas
  • Keep the LPG cylinder upright position with its relief valves clear
  • Place the LPG cylinder on a firm level base of non-combustible material

For using LPG Cylinders safely, you should be careful about:

  • Do not overfill the LPG cylinder (%80-85 depending on the season and country. There has to be room for expansion of the gas inside the cylinder)
  • Do not connect LPG cylinders to appliances designed for natural gas, or
  • Do not use leaking, damaged or corroded LPG cylinders.


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