As an energy source what is LPG and where it is used?

Liquefied petroleum gas also referred to as simply propane or butane. It is a flammable gas that can be used as fuel. It can be used in heating appliances, vehicles and various production areas. When it is used as a vehicle fuel it is referred to as autogas.


Almost all of the LPG is produced from fossil fuel sources. It was first produced in 1910 by Dr. Walter Snelling, and the first commercial products appeared in 1912.

Because it is a gas, it does not pollute soil or water when it is used. It is a relatively clean fuel and safe. It must be stored in pressure vessels like LPG Cylinders or LPG Storage Tanks because it evaporates rapidly at normal temperatures. If you are storing LPG in a pressure tank to the most 80-85% of the tank must be filled, since thermal expansion must be allowed in the tanks.

LPG is heavier than air, unlike natural gas. So, if there is a leak, it will displace with air and cause suffocation.

LPG is used as the main energy source in many countries. It can cover all the energy needs of a house. In houses LPG is used in heating, cooking, heating. Many people prefer LPG because it is a clean energy and its use is effortless. It can be used without infrastructure problems. Also it can be used in industrial sector in many applications.